As the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) deadline approaches, US retailers face very high exposure.

US-based businesses face massive fees up to 4% of all global revenue if they do not comply with the new EU regulation, regardless of their location or primary customer base. This is why 90% of all organizations believe GDPR will impact how they collect, use, and process personal data.



Any organization with individual consumers who are EU residents must comply.



Companies must prove compliance, auditors must not prove their lack thereof.



Wherever in the world a business resides, the regulation applies.


Introducing fast, holistic GDPR compliance for your business.

The GDPR compliance suite will intercept transaction data at point of sale, encrypt the data, transfer to a datalake and create an audit trail of the data captured. 

It will also trigger an automated notice to the customer detailing the type of data captured and the usage intent and provide a portal to the customer to allow or rescind data usage, to view the data details and request a correction, or to request data removal.

There will also be an auditors portal and retailer portal. The auditors portal can be used by data protection officers to audit retail compliance to the usage tracking of data sent to the compliance suite.

The retailer portal will allow retailers to handle data updates as required.



Are concerned that a failure to adhere could have a major negative impact.


Have major doubts that they will meet the impending 2018 compliance deadline.


Believe current tech stack is unable to manage their data effectively for compliance.


Worried that not complying with the new regulation could put them out of business.